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Rachel Tweddell makes posters, photographs, collage, screen prints, slide projections and books of short stories, in a body of work which considers the capacity of visual images and the written word to record events and claim certainties.

Split-second dramas, accidents, coincidences and seminal moments in history are broken down and reassembled, using methods which encourage surprise, double-take, contradiction and the peculiarities of memory, and can imagine other possibilities within the context of what does actually happen. The works are sometimes ephemeral, existing primarily as an imagined idea or a proposition, but always operate in tandem with the singular physical qualities of an object, image, poster or page, often presenting two opposing ideas at the same time: this is this / this is not this.

Each piece aims to be as concise and flat as possible, with an immediacy and a newness equivalent to the feeling of suddenly being struck by a good idea.