Charles Kennedy is Drunk

6 page book, 13cm x 13cm, edition of 100

Press Release

When Charles Kennedy's secret heavy drinking was exposed in 2006, TV news compiled a montage of footage from his career when, viewed retrospectively, he had probably been drunk. This montage was shown repeatedly on many of the news slots.

The following day Rachel Tweddell noticed that this film had become a talking point amongst many of the people she met, and it was generally considered to be very funny. She asked a number of people to recount what they remembered from the sequence and this book contains the transcripts of those accounts. All versions were hazy and varied greatly, but everyone clearly remembered the final shot which shows Charles Kennedy trying, and failing, at ten-pin bowling.

The collected accounts, with their various contradictions and inaccuracies, form a display of collective fallibility; the book is a companion to the TV sequence, and a counterbalance to the judgemental tone of the media coverage and its reception. As all the accounts converge with a description of the same bowling scene, the words form a kind of diagram of the moment being described.