Published by the Yes No Press in a limited edition of 50 in 2013
Republished by The Stella Press in 2014
53 pages

Planes are Safe is an anthology of poems generated by Google. The title of each poem is the set of words I entered into the search engine. The poem is the resulting, unedited set of search terms suggested by Google.
The anthology exposes a loneliness, impatience and deep anxiety, alongside a curiosity about the world that borders on wide-eyed, collective bewilderment: Why do cats purr? Why is the sky blue? Why am I so tired? Photographs of Prince Harry, the death of Whitney Houston, the US election and the Greek debt crisis all feature; as Google’s suggestions respond to the search trends of the time, these ever-changing pieces of text indirectly document the events and preoccupations of 2012.
Alternately lyrical and deadpan, the anthology has a distinctive voice but no author; Planes are Safe has been unconsciously co-written by everyone who has ever searched the Web in the English language.